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Denver Broncos Logo

Established in 1960 as a small-market team in Denver, Colorado, the Denver Broncos has now become one of the most successful and elite professional American football teams of the National Football League (NFL). At the beginning of their career, the Denver Broncos suffered many defeats and were close to having a frustrated “losers” status. However, their consecutive wins at the Super Bowl championship in 1998 and again in 1999, made them superstars.

Denver Broncos Logo 1962When the Denver Broncos debuted in 1960, their logo was widely criticized by the fans. The 1960 Denver Broncos logo featured a football player, wearing the team’s then official uniform while riding on a yellow bronco. Some believe that the Denver Broncos logo of 1960 resembled the University of Wyoming’s cowboy silhouette. The Denver Broncos logo, however, was later transformed into the much-accepted version of 1962.

Denver Broncos Logo 1962From 1962 till 1967, the Denver Broncos logo displayed a football player riding an orange bronco with a ball in his hands. The blue, white and orange color schemes of this Denver Broncos logo gave it a sporty and fun filled look. These colors also represent the team’s official colors.

David Broncos Logo 1968In 1968, the Denver Broncos logo was revamped into a fresh look. A Mile High bronco blowing out smoke from its nostrils replaced the previous design. Additionally, the letter ‘D’ was introduced in the Denver Broncos logo to symbolize the team’s affiliation with Denver, ‘home of the Broncos’. Also, two more versions of the Denver Broncos logo were introduced, with the latter being slightly more detailed version. This detailed version featured three accent lines inside the smoke, whereas the lesser displayed two. Broncos merchandise always used the ‘two accent lines’ version of the logo, while the ‘three accent lines’ usually adorned the players’ helmets.

David Broncos Logo 1997In efforts to revitalize the team spirit, the Broncos managers again changed the Denver Broncos logo in 1997 into a more sophisticated design, which is also the team’s current logo. The latest Denver Broncos logo features a white charging horse head with blue outlines. It also features an orange eye and an orange mane.

The Denver Broncos logo successfully conveys the attitude of the team – full of charging spirit and sportsman fever. Like the team, it has become one of the most recognizable entities of the NFL and the sporting world

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