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20 Creative Resumes for Logo Designers – Inspiring Ideas!

Categories: logo design inspirations, logo design tips, Logo Designers
Written By: Nora Reed

A resume, also known as Curriculum Vitae (CV), is a tool required by every professional, including logo designers. It speaks on behalf of you when you apply for a job, either in a design agency or as a freelancer. But in this competitive age of logo design, 1000’s of logo designer resumes turn up for just a single position. So what would make your resume stand out from the rest of the potential logo design candidates? How would you grab the attention of your prospective employer? Well…Innovation is the answer.

Every standard resume describes who you are, what you know and what you have done so far in your logo designing career. Presenting all this in a novel way can make your CV stand apart from the rest of the logo designers. Being a designer, you are expected to be highly creative and artistic. Hence, your design resume should endorse these expectations through its layout. If your resume is able to grab the attention of the design agency, then your chance of selection skyrockets.

Here are 20 brilliant and creative ideas for logo designers to adopt while designing their own resumes in future:

Creative Resume # 01-Michael Anderson Resume
creative logo designer resume 1
Creative Resume # 02-Adam Balazy
creative logo designer resume 2
Creative Resume # 03-Arbrenoir
creative logo designer resume 3
Creative Resume # 04- Pau Morgan
creative logo designer resume 4
Creative Resume # 05- Ariane Denise Lunod
creative logo designer resume 5
Creative Resume # 06- Life-Chart Resume
creative logo designer resume 6
Creative Resume # 07- Doni Kristian Dachi
creative logo designer resume 7
Creative Resume # 08- xiruxiru
creative logo designer resume 9
Creative Resume # 9 -Ali Zer
creative logo designer resume 10
Creative Resume # 10 - Cutout box Resume:
creative logo designer resume 11
Creative Resume # 11 - puziah
creative logo designer resume 12
Creative Resume # 12 -Tudor Deleanu
creative logo designer resume 13
Creative Resume # 13 - Jean Francois
creative logo designer resume 14
Creative Resume # 14- Amita-Gandhi
creative logo designer resume 15
Creative Resume # 15-Jolie O’dell
creative logo designer resume 1
Creative Resume # 16- Graphic Design Spy
creative logo designer resume 17
Creative Resume # 17- Jonathan Wong
creative logo designer resume 18
Creative Resume # 18- Kevin Fernandez
creative logo designer resume 19
Creative Resume # 19 - SunnyBlack
creative logo designer resume 20
Which of these logo designer resumes did you find to be the most creative?

16 Responses to “20 Creative Resumes for Logo Designers – Inspiring Ideas!”

  1. Andrew Heath Says:

    These are all really clever, but I think they are way too busy for a resume. On half of them, I had no idea what was going on. I dont think resumes should show your skills – thats what your portfolio is for.

  2. Mimi Bear Says:

    I really liked Creative Resume # 08- Ksenia Goryacheva because it is what a manager needs to see. Talent and two sides of the coin. As long as its kept professional and not sexy (which this might be on the edge) even an older manager will find it in good creative taste. Other version is Creative Resume # 14- Jean Francois. Great way to showcase the designer. Others? agree with above comments–WHAT? TOO BUSY

  3. Doug C. Says:

    I agree with Andrew. These are certainly creative, but It’s kind of like an email signature: you don’t need to list your whole life story, just a couple lines will do.

  4. Jon Says:

    There are very few concepts apparent here and if there are they are poorly executed! The title of the post suggests the resumes are for logo DESIGNERS. Design is about brilliant ideas, beautifully executed. The majority of these designs list of multiple computer programs yet these are but tools, and although important to know, most good design companies looking for designers (and not artworkers or visualizers) that can solve problems without the need for an aesthetic created with a piece of software.

    Apologies for the negative comments it is just something that touches a nerve when seen.

  5. Renzo Says:

    They are great, and I agree sometimes I must be a little bit minimalistics to show ourselves in a Paper.

  6. 200+ Fresh and Really Useful Design and Web Development Articles - tripwire magazine Says:

    […] 20 Creative Resumes for Logo Designers – Inspiring Ideas! […]

  7. Jerry Says:

    I think #10 is the best. It is easy to scan. You can spot the information you need quickly and move on, or file for future use.

  8. Jen Says:

    Aside from #10’s spelling mistakes you mean. Actually pretty disappointed in this. Some are really creative, but most completely miss the mark on what a company or manager will look for. None of these designers are really logo designers specifically either, making the headline misleading.

  9. Phil Says:

    With the exception of the first one, these are pretty bad. Flashy images and color do not equate utilitarian design.

  10. Vijay S Paul Says:

    I really loved some of the designs but am of the opinion that some of them look too crowded with content. The person wont bother reading it through with so much stuff packed in. Designs 9, 14 and 16 are the best. Simple and up to the point….

  11. Jane Says:

    Many of the ideas are clever, but overdone; and, as was already mentioned above, they don’t seem to belong exclusively to logo designers. My preference would be for number two. The font is clean and legible. They layout is clean and the text and graphics (although a bit cliche) are well balanced. That being said, I think I’ll pretty much side with Jon and Andrew.

  12. Will Says:

    Some great and inspiring work here, I think an employer would have a better time viewing these than your standard plain A4 even if they are a little busy!

  13. jignasa Says:

    all resumes are amazing….
    Great job. Inspired other to be creative.
    really great designers..

  14. Ksenia Says:

    Hello everyone, my resume is number 8! Thank you so much for this review, it is really nice to see my resume. I can say that I found a job twice with this resume and each time it took less then 2 weeks! Creativity works I admit!!!

  15. anonymous Says:

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  16. Logo Design Reviews Says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. It’s nice to read.

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