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20 Coincidentally Identical Logos – Double Trouble!

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Written By: Nora Reed

Twins, triplets, quadruplets, ok we get it…humans can look alike. Fair enough! But to design logo design that look alike? Sounds more like logo plagiarism…doesn’t it? Now that is one thing no logo designer wants to get implicated in. We all are aware of the menace of logo theft and how designers and companies can get deprived or robbed of their ideas. When you hire logo designer, you expect to get an original and authentic work from him/her.


Copying or Inspiration – Where is the thin line?

I still remember the time when renowned cosmetics company, Elizabeth Arden, blatantly copied the ‘believe’ logo for Britney Spears. What was even ironic was the fact that they ripped-off the logo design for a charity organization, Monodonation. No wonder they say, “All is fair in love and war”. Although the cosmetic firm persuaded it was just a coincidence, most people were not ready to accept that. Rigidly following logo design trends is one reason for this menace in the industry. The crux of this conversation is that it is tricky to draw the line between what is considered plagiarism, inspiration or a coincidence.


Starbucks’ Coffee

Boulder’s Coffee Lounge



Holland’s Café lounge


Melbourne City

Merchant Logix


The Common Guild

Commonwealth Games


Victoria School of Business and Technology



Cooperative Program






Free Sat

Glasses Direct









Hyundai Genesis








Old Town White Coffee

George White Town Coffee











Blackburn Market



Dosh Dosh

David Airey

Your Verdict:
Time to give your verdict everyone! So which of these logos do you think are copied or a coincidence?

39 Responses to “20 Coincidentally Identical Logos – Double Trouble!”

  1. Apollo Wangalwa Says:

    i sat down and coined the name advantis for my company last january . after 1 month of interviewing stakeholders i thought i had the proper name only to be edged out . As a small team we sat and developed a logo for an ISP the other day only for it to be the AT&T logo. Very annoying

  2. reb Says:

    i think these:
    -Yatra and Pepsi
    -VOLVO and QuickTime
    -Woolsworth and Apple
    are concidences, but most of the others are out of doubt a copy

  3. Behzad Says:

    Which one was first, the left one or right one?

  4. Good Web Design Says:

    Some are real real look-a-likes indeed… but some don’t even not look like each other (Nike – Li-Ning, Woolworth – apple (which is by the way the new Countdown logo for if are living in NZ – dunno about anywhere else…), volvo – Quicktime) Not even with after 20 beers… Interesting though is the David ‘Logo-Guru’ Airey one…

  5. Himanshu Says:

    I really appreciate the hard work of logoblog. Keep it up.

    I would like you to review our logo and suggest if redesign is required or not.

    Thank You

  6. bhonker Says:

    @ reb

    I totally agree.

  7. Kyle Says:

    Yep, most of these are intentional copies. Asian companies often copy products wtih similar logos.

  8. Will Says:

    A great collection. I guess there’s only so much imagination to go ’round.

  9. LukeSF Says:

    IMHO, most of these have nothing to do with the rip-offs… I would say 4-5 are in more or less way could be called copy-cats, while the rest are nothing but coincidence….

  10. Steve O Says:

    A few are intentional, a few are coincidental, two are by the same company (Coomon Guild & Commonwealth Games), all have been used in similar posts before.

  11. Rebtel Says:

    How about this one…Compare with Blackburn Market and Barrow :-)

  12. Meydjer Luzzoli Says:

    On more to “Dosh Dosh” and “David Airey” group: Joomla Clube Logo –

  13. Dan P Says:

    Some of these are too different. There are only so many things you can do with the letter M, or a circle.

    Does every apple-themed logo also make you think they stole it from Apple? You know its just a noun, right?

  14. dapas Says:

    I think Gooje is the most obvious as a copying..

  15. Scott Says:

    Most seem unintentional.

    I just think it’s funny that just today, my Graphic Design teacher was showing us David Airey’s logo as an example of the design process, and I couldn’t help but think about how unoriginal it looks.

  16. Kyle Young Says:

    Does anybody remember when NBC spent mega bucks to come up with a new logo design and it turned out that Nebraska ETV had the same design and had only paid $100 for it…

    So, yes, I think it’s often accidental.

  17. Logotyper – inspiration, stöld eller slump « Says:

    […] Och kan det vara en ren slump att vissa logotyper liknar varandra väldigt mycket. LogoBlog har samlat 20 loggor för att visa att gränserna inte alltid är tydliga. Till […]

  18. Shabbadang Says:

    Remember that Apple stole both their name and symbol from Apple corps, the Beatles-owned record company. But of course they were sued and have had to pay a substantial amount.

  19. Anthony Alexander Says:

    Some are blatant plagiarism and the rest tell me you need glasses. Im sure all asians look alike as well.

  20. Brandon Says:

    Goojje is supposed to be a rip off of Google’s logo


  21. Logomaniac Says:

    Only few of them are for me intentional replicas/copies.
    For example the
    city of melbourne/Merchant logix
    are an accident and although similar not aiming to mislead consumers.
    Whereas the
    Toyota/ Jincheng Logo
    are an absolute impertenence!!!! It makes me angry to look at them because to me they are nothing but imposture

  22. Amy Says:

    Starbucks/Boulders – COPY
    Harrod’s/Holland’s – COPY
    Melbourne/Merchant – COINCIDENCE
    Common Guild/Commonwealth – COINCIDENCE
    CP – COPY
    Toyota/Jincheng – COPY
    Freesat/Glasses – COINCIDENCE
    Harbork/Fitucci – COPY
    Nike/Linning – COPY
    Bentley/Hyundai – COPY
    Google/Goojje – VERY BAD COPY
    Old Town/George Town – COPY
    Yatra/Pepsi – COINCIDENCE
    Volvo/Quicktime – COINCIDENCE
    Woolsworth/Apple – COINCIDENCE
    Blackburn/Barrow – COINCIDENCE?
    Doshdosh/David Airey – COPY
    Squarespace/Maxmost – STOCK logo or COPY

    These are just my opinions.

  23. brad Says:

    Woolworths (not ‘woolsworth’) is an Australian supermarket. I think Apple tried to sue them or something.

  24. New York Logo Designs Says:

    I think most of these are copied but don’t know who copied who

  25. Mobile Phone India Says:

    When designer lost their creativity… then they use such practices.’

  26. GrimCris Says:

    Most of them are copies, but some are coincidences. I’m asking myself why the original company don’t sues those who copied.

  27. Phil Says:

    Two with most similarity are the Harbock/Fitucci and Google/Goojje. The others are different enough that I wouldn’t confuse the companies. Maybe people who have poor visual discrimination skills could be confused–just gotta do more than look at pictures–try reading, too!

  28. Logo-Designs Says:

    […] 20 Logos die sich (zufällig) sehr ähneln: […]

  29. Mainostoimisto Says:

    Volvo y Quicktime doesnt have nothing similar..
    But and ayayaya..

  30. graphic Says:

    I really dont think you can say the Woolsworth and Apple logo are copies. Yes they use apples but both in a very different way and style. If i use an apple in a logo it does not mean I was copying Apple.
    And what about the whole Apple computers and Apple records, who is copying who there?

  31. oracle8x Says:

    Goojje ? @.@

  32. Jen Zen Says:

    The world has been in existence how many billions of years? To think anything is original after all this time can put you in an all-consuming creative block. Be inspired, but don’t be inspired to copy. It’s frustrating, because the creative process can be a long one only to be beaten at the finish line by a logo or trademark that’s “been there, done that.”

  33. Fort Collins Web Design Says:

    Those logo have enough difference (not including the “Believe” logos) so that they shouldn’t have any issues. And, about GAP.. What a goofy move. Their logo looked good before. Not it looks like my little sister drew it..

  34. Drew Says:

    Some are most definitely copies but the unfortunate fact of the business is that you are not aware of every logo ever created out there and it is inevitable that a logo created in a vacuum might seem to be a copy but was achieved innocently!!
    p.s. I like Apple and their products but they cannot own the apple image and prevent everyone else from using it as a logo form!!! An apple icon with a bite taken from the right is a different story

  35. JOsh Says:

    Why no date posted on the year the design that was created?

    No use to compare like this

  36. Arne Mulder Says:

    Some are pure rips, and a lot are coincidences and some i find just standing too far from each other even to called it ‘inspired by’

  37. brett salter Says:

    I think the woolworths logo is one of the best new logos I have seen for some time. The company goes by the slogan ‘The fresh food people’, so the apple peel in the shape of their previously similar logo is considerably effective, and fun! It is also quite dissimilar (compared to some of these examples) to the Apple it is suggested it copies.

  38. anonymous Says:

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  39. Thea Says:

    I think a reallllly bad copy is The old Crystal Castle logo and the Chanel logo – Chanel always get copied, I know, my mum has a really important job for copyright in Chanel and i found out by looking it up for crystal castles – theyve changed though.

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