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Coca-Cola Logo

One of the biggest brands of the 21st century, Coca Cola is regarded as the most famous carbonated drink ever invented. The beverage was initially promoted as patent medicine but later gained popularity for its cola taste. Similar to the taste of Coca Cola, its logo received much fame for its unique design.

The Coca Cola logo is considered as the most identifiable thing in its corporate identity. Since the inception of its first logo in 1887, Coca Cola created several versions of the original logo for different advertising applications. It was not until 1969 that the company created the most iconic “the dynamic ribbon” logo design that gave the hype to the Coca Cola brand.

Timeline of the Changes in Coca-Cola Logo Design
Coca-Cola Logo History

The very first coca cola logo was designed by Frank Mason Robinson in 1885. He came up with an idea of using the name “Coca Cola” in the logo. He also suggested using the Spencerian typeface for the script so that the logo looks unique to the viewers. The logo made public in 1887 and remained trademark of the company.


The coca cola logo underwent first major makeover when it was redesigned in 1941. The trademark was removed, while the typeface got standardized. This version remained the brand identity of Coca Cola for the next 19 years.

1958: The Fishtail Shape

In 1958, Coca Cola did some creativity with the imagery of the logo. The Coca Cola trademark was fit in a fish-shaped design in the background. The design was not very well-received by the audience and Coca Cola had to revamp it within a few years.

1969: The Famous Curve

In 1969, Coca Cola introduced the most iconic “the famous curve” in its design. The dynamic ribbon, as it was popularly known as, symbolized the contour design of the Coke bottle. The logo got much attention of the masses and later became the symbol of the corporate identity of the Coca Cola brand.

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