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Collection of the Best Airline Logos

Categories: Inspiring Logos, Logo design, logo design inspirations, Olympics Logo

The aviation industry is not new to us, every day billions and trillions of people fly across the world through different airlines. Emirates, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa are just a few examples of this mega industry. However, have we ever wondered that how these businesses came into existence or how their logos were designed? ...


Olympics Logo 2012 Represents Global Issues

Categories: Logo design, Logo Designer Tips, Olympics Logo

  Olympics 2012 which is being held in London is now being celebrated all over the world. The games and the athletes participating in the Olympics 2012 are the focus of the whole world. Everyone is thrilled to see the great show of showmanship accompanied by the sportsmen spirit evident amongst the participants. The art is also empowered ...


Country Culture DOES matter in Logo Designing

Categories: Logo design, Logo Designer Tips, Logo Designers, Olympics Logo

Imagine a country that is hosting a mega sports event. But wait a minute; the logo designed for that event is shoddy, bare and completely unimpressive. Would you like to pay a visit to that country, even if you’re a diehard fan of that sport? Probably not. Designing a logo in line with the culture and traditions of a particular country is extremely important, for both ...


Madrid 2020 Olympics Logo – A New Controversy!

Categories: Olympics Logo

It seems like Olympics logo evolution is destined to go from bad to worse. Following the ongoing controversy of this year’s Olympics logo, another one has wedged up in a hullabaloo of its own. Yes folks, I’m talking about the Madrid 2020 Olympics logo that has caused quite a stir in the local and international community. ...

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