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Requirements to become a Logo Designer in 2013 – Get Started Now!!

Categories: Logo Designer Tips, Logo Designers

Logo designers are professionals of art and design. They are the creators of design and know how to combine different elements of the art. Their work is to create visual concepts by the use of computer software and select colors to make images look bright and attractive. If ...


5 Ways to Nail Your Design Projects in 2013

Categories: Logo design, logo design tips, Logo Designer Tips

There are logo design trends that stay and there are fads which disappear within a matter of months usually. The year 2012 has seen much development in the field of graphic design so far. The means of finding work, interaction between logo designers and clients, following other designers, and learning newer techniques has improved by leaps and bounds. Logo design ...


Top Logo Design Tutorials for Famous Logos

Categories: Famous logo design, Inspiring Logos, Logo design, logo design inspirations, logo design software, logo design tips, Logo Design Tools, Logo Designer Tips, Photoshop Tips

Logo design could be a very rewarding career for you if you have a sharp aesthetic sense which is not just dependent on the computer softwares. You must have a keen observation, good sense of colors, knowledge of fonts and typography, and the ability to think out of the box. Once you ...


Logo Designers Online Tools – Best of 2012

Categories: Inspiring Logos, Logo design, logo design inspirations, logo design tips, Logo Design Tools, Logo Designer Tips, Logo Designers

Every day brings new challenges and new innovations in the world. Web designers and developers brace yourself; you have some new and exciting tools to try your hand now. Tools which can make your work easier, which can bring color resources that will appeal to your clients, new fonts, imaging editors and modifiers and business tools; all these are now available through new web ...


Olympics Logo 2012 Represents Global Issues

Categories: Logo design, Logo Designer Tips, Olympics Logo

  Olympics 2012 which is being held in London is now being celebrated all over the world. The games and the athletes participating in the Olympics 2012 are the focus of the whole world. Everyone is thrilled to see the great show of showmanship accompanied by the sportsmen spirit evident amongst the participants. The art is also empowered ...

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