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Who Designed Your Logo, Professional or an Amateur?

Categories: Graphic Design, Logo design, Logo Designers

When people think to start a business from a scratch, there are many things to consider. A lot has to be thought before taking any step related to business activity. There are many reasons for it. A business is invested in a lot of money. Sometimes this money is taken from resources outside the business like from ...


How is Brand Marketing affected by the use of Warm & Cool Colors?

Categories: Brand Color, Brands, Logo design

The primary motive of people who run brands is to attract people to buy their products. To achieve that end, they invest not only their time but also a lot of money. They try different marketing and advertising approaches and apply methods to make their businesses profitable. Apart from targeting a successful business, they have to be ...


20 Examples of Word Animals – Typographical Illustrations!

Categories: Graphic Design, Inspiring Logos, Logo design, logo design inspirations, Typography, Typography Design

In today’s modern era, typography has become quite common amongst graphic designers. You get to see a number of typographical illustrations on the internet every now and then.   Typography in simple words means the arrangement of type through manipulation. However, implementing this is by no means an easy task. It ...


Logo VS Brand Identity – The Key Differences!

Categories: Brand VS Logo, Brands, Logo design

Lots of people contact us for new branding but, in reality, most of them only mean to ask for a new logo. It’s common to use words – ‘logo’ and ‘brand’ – interchangeably, but the concepts are very different from each other. Besides, changing a logo is comparatively ...


25 Exquisite Logo Designs Of 2012

Categories: Logo design, logo design inspirations, Logo Designers

A unique and eye catching logo is priceless to every business operating in today’s era. A logo could very well be the factor that distinguishes mediocre companies from superior ones. Therefore, having a well designed logo is of utmost importance. For some designers, coming up with unique and creative ideas can be a tough task. So ...

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