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Useful Image Editing Techniques – Tips for Photographers

Categories: Featured, Photoshop Tips

“This guy looooks sooooooooo coooool in this picture” Want to be that man/woman in the image? Want to make all girls/guys go crazy adding you on facebook or follow you on twitter just because your image looks epic.  Well I have the perfect tips for all you people to make your dream come true. ...


Awesome Social Media Icon set – Perfect for your Websites

Categories: Featured, Social Media Icons, Web Design

  There are so many ways to promote a business. These days electronically business can make its presence everywhere and attract more and more customers. This is the reason why every website is using social media icons to promote its business and provide a link to its customers where they can get connected with their customers. ...


Maximizing the Logo Design Exposure Online – 10 Easy Ways

Categories: Famous logo design, Featured, Inspiring Logos, Logo design, logo design inspirations, logo design tips, Logo Designer Tips, Logo Designers, Redesigned logos

The logo becomes the brand identity of a business or corporate entity wherever it’s placed. Brands gain recognition and appeal form attractive logos, which also help build greater customer recall and a stringer brand loyalty. Needless to say, clients and customers should come across a great logo as much as possible. And thus, businesses should never underestimate the power of placing ...


20 Majestic Wine Label Designs – Fun With Rum!

Categories: Featured

When buying a bottle of wine or champagne, what attracts you the most? The contents of the rum? Or does the packaging and label printing attracts you to purchase it? Most of the consumers of wine have exquisite taste and buy it completely on the basis of quality. However, some new consumers are compelled to a wine bottle just because of its alluring packaging and ...

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