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Freaky and Delicious Cake Concepts for Halloween

Categories: Corporate Logos

When people think to start a business from a scratch, there are many things to consider. A lot has to be thought before taking any step related to business activity. There are many reasons for it. A business is invested in a lot of money. Sometimes this money is taken from resources outside the business like from banks, loan-giving organizations etc. The ...


The Top Ten US Corporate Giants That Control Your Choice

Categories: Brands, Corporate Logos

The two marketing strategies that are taught in MBA are “house of brands” and “branded houses”. Below are some visuals that showcase a picture perfect example of how extremely powerful a house of brands can become to rule the corporate world. There are several long lasting brands in America that we have been using all our lives. We think we have ...


The Comic Sans Series of Famous Corporate Logos

Categories: Corporate Logos, Logo design, logo design inspirations

When we hear the word ‘corporate’, what instantly comes to mind is the image of something refined and expensive. Likewise, the logos of giant corporations cannot be imagined in anything less than powerful and impressive. Russian designer, Oleg Tarasov, has dared to attempt the unimaginable by recreating the logos series “Not ...


Corporate and Product Logo Designs – The Difference!!

Categories: Brands, Corporate Logos, Logo design, logo design inspirations, Logo Design Symbols

Logo is the graphical representation used by an organization or enterprise in order to create product’s instant recognition among the people. Now a day companies are using different colorful and attractive logos to create their unique identity in market and in customers’ minds in order to gain their share in the market. Different companies are spending millions of dollars to make their logos stand-out in ...


Panda Logo Designs – Animalistic Collection!!

Categories: Corporate Logos, Logo design

Different animals have different qualities and traits. Panda is the cutest animal undoubtedly. It is really difficult to consider a panda as cunning and clever creature. Businesses tend to create different logos for their publicity. Some business prefer their logos to be environment friendly, some prefer them to be interesting and creative whereas others select animal based designed to attract ...

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