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Discovering the Benefits of Mascots

Categories: Brands, Mascot Design

Business logos are sometimes associated with cartoons that are seen saying a one-liner, quote, saying or advertising slogan. These cartoon figures, normally termed as mascots, are commonly seen for most brands of various organizations. What are these? What they really do? How can you get one for yourself? These are questions that must be popping in your head, so here I ...


How is Brand Marketing affected by the use of Warm & Cool Colors?

Categories: Brand Color, Brands, Logo design

The primary motive of people who run brands is to attract people to buy their products. To achieve that end, they invest not only their time but also a lot of money. They try different marketing and advertising approaches and apply methods to make their businesses profitable. Apart from targeting a successful business, they have to be ...


Logo VS Brand Identity – The Key Differences!

Categories: Brand VS Logo, Brands, Logo design

Lots of people contact us for new branding but, in reality, most of them only mean to ask for a new logo. It’s common to use words – ‘logo’ and ‘brand’ – interchangeably, but the concepts are very different from each other. Besides, changing a logo is comparatively ...


The Top Ten US Corporate Giants That Control Your Choice

Categories: Brands, Corporate Logos

The two marketing strategies that are taught in MBA are “house of brands” and “branded houses”. Below are some visuals that showcase a picture perfect example of how extremely powerful a house of brands can become to rule the corporate world. There are several long lasting brands in America that we have been using all our lives. We think we have ...


Famous Brand Logos Twist Into Hell-O-Ween Zombies

Categories: Brands, Famous logo design, Halloween Logos

Halloween and zombies have a very special connection. Speak of one and the other’s image pops up into the mind. To spice up this year’s Halloween celebrations, we are going to show you a collection of some famous brand logos, twisted into eerie, blood-curdling Halloween zombie logos. Enjoy the show! ...

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