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BMW needs no introduction to the patrons of cars and motorbikes. The company has been monopolizing the automobile industry since its inception. What really sets this giant corporation apart to the other manufacturers that exist today? The answer is very simple: A unique logo design.

The BMW logo is quiet distinctive in its design. It gives an individual character to the brand identity of the company. However, there are many stories associated with design elements of the BMW logo. Some attributed the round shape of the logo to the rotating propellers of the aircraft while some relate its colors to the flag of Bavaria State. These theories add an element of curiosity to the people who have an interest in the history of this global automobile company. For those curious souls, we have listed here the history of BMW logo since its inception in 1916:

BMW Logo history

The first ever BMW logo was created in 1916 and registered as the official trademark of the company. The logo features a roundel with BMW name inscribed on the top half of the circle. The space within the circle is filled with blue and white panels. Shaped like cons, the panels resemble the rotating propellers of the aircraft, while the blue and white stand for the flag of the Bavaria State. These panels remained the corporate identity of the BMW since 1916.

The first alteration in the design contents were made in 1923. Although the basic design of the BMW logo remained the same, the design contents of the logo underwent a few changes. The design team experimented with the typeface of the logo and made it bold to give a solid look. The outline was also reinforced to make it look more clear and obvious.

In 1936, the BMW design team did some alterations with the outline and changed its colors from gold to white, while the color of the blue panels was changed into green. This design represented the global identity of BMW for almost 18 years.

The 1954 was the year when the current BMW logo got its basic form. There were two major alterations that were made in this year: (1) the typeface of the letter ‘BMW’ was changed into Helvetica Neue Bold and (2) the green panels were changed into the original blue color. This design gained much popularity among the masses.

The BMW logo went through the fourth change in design in the year 2000. The two obvious changes include the embossed roundel and resurgence of sea green color. The colors were filled in matt to connote a soft feeling to the viewers. This version is the current corporate identity of the BMW brand and represents its core business around the world.

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