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American Express Logo

The simplicity of the American Express logo has often been overlooked with its solid financial products and its global acceptance and the worldwide expansion of both. Founded in 1850 in New York, American Express was among the first companies to gain international recognition during the economic emergence of the United States. Like the business, American Express logo also provides consumers with simplicity and smart services. The logo has become a symbol of quality, integrity and global acceptance. It provides outstanding products and unsurpassed services that, together, deliver highest quality standards and value to its customers.

Features of the American Express Logo:

American Express Logo OldThe American Express logo consists of a simple blue background with easy-to-read text mentioning the company’s name. Originally, there used to be an image of a Viking, which was the company’s trademark. But a few years back, the company changed their appearance to the current simplistic blue and white American Express logo. The text is kept sharp and American Express Logohighlighted in white to attract the focus of the audience. The light and dark blue background ingeniously compliments the text. The 4-color, 2-color, and black and white Blue Box American Express logos each contain a radial gradient specifically created to enhance the text and the background. The size of the logo is a perfect square and a clear space of 1/3 the width of the box is usually kept to ensure the optimum legibility. There is always a registration mark “®” with the American Express logo at the bottom left corner in blue except with the black and white version, where it appear as black. The famous blue box American Express logo can be seen in every city centre and store throughout the world. It doesn’t matter how simple the logo is, the power of its acceptance is ample prove of the company’s domination in the field of financial services.

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