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American Express Logo

American Express is a renowned international financial institution that provides credit card services to people all over the world. The organization currently runs one of the most widely-used credit card systems in the world. The American Express logo truly interprets the rich history of this organization. The blue background and the white typeface justify the nature of this brand. The logo looks simple and clean in these two complimentary pair of colors.

Earlier, the logo used head of gladiator. This design generated curiosity among people and created many theories. However, the history of brand identity of this giant of financial company has more interesting aspects that deserve a mention here.

American Express Logo History

1958: The Centurion Logo

In 1958, American Express logo used a mans head as an emblem for its company. The centurion figure in the logo stands for the reliability of the company. The logo became more popular for the imagery as people associated it with different things. Some identify the imagery with the Viking, while others relate it to the gladiator of Roman times. However, the logo became the global recognition of the American Express for years until the first re-design was done in 1974.

1974: The Square-Shaped Design

The current square-shaped design was created in 1974. This design is a thorough makeover of its previous counterpart. This time the company designs a logo that looks simple and elegant at the same time. The logo uses white color in the typeface that looks elegant to the eyes, while the blue background accentuates the beauty of the overall design. The bluish theme of the logo translates the reliability of this famous financial service.

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