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Adidas Logo

Think about sports apparels and only one name comes in your mind Adidas. This is the kind of influence that this giant brand holds in minds of the customers. But what exactly is the thing behind the phenomenal success of this global brand? There is no denying that the brand identity of Adidas has a lot to do with its extraordinary success. Those famous three stripes have inspired every sportsman and made Adidas the international face of sports gear and apparels. How did the Adidas logo design garner such mass appeal? You are just about to find out.

An Intriguing History

Adidas Logo History
The Three Stripes

The evolution of Adidas logo and its popularity as an imagery has an interesting history. Adi Dassler had a unique idea in mind. He thought about a logo design that could give its brand a unique look so that it retains longer in the memory of the people. He then came up with those iconic three stripes. In 1967, the first official logo looked like this:

The three stripes went well with the masses and complemented the slogan of the company: The Brand with the 3 Stripes. Even Adi Dassler would not have known then that the three stripes would gain such massive recognition.

The Trefoil

It was not until 1972 that the Adi Dassler designed another and the most iconic one of the Adidas logos: The Trefoil. As the company spread its business in apparel and leisure industry, Adi Dassler realized the need for a more apt logo design that could demonstrate industrial diversity of his company. Adi Dassler did some creativity with the overall design and transformed the original three-striped logo into the trefoil. The idea made sense to the diversity of the brand and the new logo became an instant hit with the masses.

The Triangle

In 1990, Adidas did one more makeover with the logo design. Creative director Peter Moore had an interesting idea in mind. He proposed that the three stripes should be slanted like a triangle. Adi Dassler liked the idea and approved it. The first version of the logo was visible on the equipment products of the company. Finally in 1997, the logo became the corporate symbol of the Adidas Company, while the classic Trefoil made exclusive for the traditional products.

The Interesting Fact

The three slanted stripes of Adidas logo implicitly suggest a meaningful message to the audience. The triangular shape is symbolic of mountain which stands for the challenges to be overcome. It goes with the type of product line of the Adidas that mainly sells the shoes for the athletes.

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