Adidas Logo and History -

Adidas Logo

Adidas LogoAdidas Logo represents elegance, durability and without doubt represents a mark of the leading sports gear in the world.

The 3 striped Adidas logo was created by Adi Dassler, founder of Adidas. Adidas Logo was first used in 1967. Beginning with the production of training and sports foot wear, Adidas later expanded its production operations in leisure and apparel sector with the logo of adidas appearing on each product.

The shape of 3 stripes on the Adidas Logo represents mountain, pointing out towards the challenges that are seen ahead and goals that can be achieved.

Adidas Logo and History - Transformations

1967 – Adi Dassler used the 3 striped Adidas logo on Adidas sports shoes.

1971 – This year marked the birth of Adidas Trefoil Logo. The Trefoil Adidas logo showed the diversity in Adidas brand. It was first used in 1972, and later became a corporate symbol.

1997 – The three striped Adidas Logo was re-introduced after being reengineered by Peter Moore, who was the creative director of Adidas at that time.

1998 – Adidas merged with Salomon and introduced a new corporate logo that represented brand values of both the groups. It maintained the blue color of Adidas and inherited Red color from Salomon. The logo incorporated 3 shapes to look like a diamond. The two arcs that extended upwards represented the arms of the winner, raised after victory.

2005 – The new Adidas “Word Mark” logo has been introduced. The new Logo is clear, simple, and confident and shows leadership.
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