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Maximizing the Logo Design Exposure Online – 10 Easy Ways

Categories: Famous logo design, Featured, Inspiring Logos, Logo design, logo design inspirations, logo design tips, Logo Designer Tips, Logo Designers, Redesigned logos

The logo becomes the brand identity of a business or corporate entity wherever it’s placed. Brands gain recognition and appeal form attractive logos, which also help build greater customer recall and a stringer brand loyalty. Needless to say, clients and customers should come across a great logo as much as possible. And thus, businesses should never underestimate the power of placing ...


Country Culture DOES matter in Logo Designing

Categories: Logo design, Logo Designer Tips, Logo Designers, Olympics Logo

Imagine a country that is hosting a mega sports event. But wait a minute; the logo designed for that event is shoddy, bare and completely unimpressive. Would you like to pay a visit to that country, even if you’re a diehard fan of that sport? Probably not. Designing a logo in line with the culture and traditions of a particular country is extremely important, for both ...


Redesigning your Company Logo is HEAVY on the Pocket!!

Categories: Logo design, logo design tips, Redesigned logos

You’ve made up your mind to change your company logo…have decided on the color changes, and the new designs too. But wait a minute; how much have you budgeted for the big change? Just the graphic designer’s fee? "Think again". Many brand managers and business owners believe that when they choose to redesign logos, the graphic ...


20 Inspiring Logos with Taglines – Reveal Your Motto!

Categories: Inspiring Logos, Logo design, logo design inspirations

Logo design acts as the nucleus of a brand identity system. Its core function is to communicate the meaning and purpose of the company in a graphical manner. But in some cases, the symbol isn’t enough to reveal the corporate identity. In order to extend the meaning within a brand, a tagline is employed. Taglines or slogans are short, precise description of the firm and usually consist of 3-5 ...

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