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6 Ways Logo Designers Can Generate Client Leads

Categories: Famous logo design, Logo Designers

For every professional, it is a known reality that projects don’t just fall from the skies. Being a logo designer, it isn’t easy to earn a livelihood if you don’t know how to generate client leads. Especially when you are starting your career as a logo designer, clients are hard to come by. But once you have established your clientele base, ...


22 Proverb Inspired Logos – Idiomatic Logo Designs!!

Categories: Logo design, logo design inspirations, Logo Designer Tips

Proverbs are noteworthy sayings or repeatedly expressed metaphors that relate to a factual reality of life. They are mostly based on experience of mankind and have a figurative but concrete message. A logo design also has somewhat similar functions. Using metaphorical and abstract symbols, they aim to convey the company message to the target audience. Did you know that you ...


5 Tips to Design a Complimenting Logo for Your Website

Categories: Logo design, Logo Designer Tips

The structure and layout of a logo design has to be premeditated and carefully planned in advance. This is because your company logo will be employed across all various platforms of promotion such as electronic media, print, billboards and website. While most logo designers keep conventional modes of logo advertising into perspective, they overlook the online appearance of the brand identity design. ...


Madrid 2020 Olympics Logo – A New Controversy!

Categories: Olympics Logo

It seems like Olympics logo evolution is destined to go from bad to worse. Following the ongoing controversy of this year’s Olympics logo, another one has wedged up in a hullabaloo of its own. Yes folks, I’m talking about the Madrid 2020 Olympics logo that has caused quite a stir in the local and international community. ...


6 Different Types of Logo Designs – Choose The Right One!

Categories: Corporate Logos, Famous logo design

  Brand identity and logo development is a subjective profession. It cannot entirely rely on objective reasoning and requires a designer’s personal judgment as well. Since there are various critical decisions to be made in the logo design process, a logo designer has to be careful in choosing the right elements for the design. ...

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