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5 Simple Tips for Logo Designers to Meet Project Deadlines

Categories: Logo Designer Tips

“Dear God! Its 31st already and I haven’t yet finished designing the logo for that Yacht Company” I’m sure most logo designers are familiar with this type of story. Just like any other profession, logo designers also experience tough and stringent deadlines. With the pressure and ...


8 Famous Brands and their Funny Logo Evolutions

Categories: Famous logo design, Logo design

A logo design can take months, years or even decades to develop into a memorable brand identity. Just like the evolution of human beings, famous logos have their own evolution that tells their visual journey. As a logo designer, it is extremely helpful to study how renowned brands have developed their company logos since their inception. While going through the creation and development of several illustrious brand ...


How Logo Designers Should Deal With Clients – 5 Easy Tips!

Categories: Logo design, Logo Designer Tips

The job of a logo designer is to create a brand identity that is capable of communicating with the target audience. But sometimes, designers themselves fall short of communicating properly with their clients. This is mostly because they are so drenched ...


20 Majestic Wine Label Designs – Fun With Rum!

Categories: Featured

When buying a bottle of wine or champagne, what attracts you the most? The contents of the rum? Or does the packaging and label printing attracts you to purchase it? Most of the consumers of wine have exquisite taste and buy it completely on the basis of quality. However, some new consumers are compelled to a wine bottle just because of its alluring packaging and ...


First 5 Logo Redesigns of 2012 – For Good or Worse?

Categories: Corporate Logos, Famous logo design

  It is said that redesigning a logo is more difficult than creating a new one. Have you ever wondered why it is so? Well, there are two core reasons for this conundrum. To begin with, a logo redesign is accompanied by a longstanding reputation of the previous brand identity. While in the case of a new logo ...

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