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26 Inventive Typographic Logos – Play With Words!

Categories: Inspiring Logos, Logo design

  There are three generic methods of creating a logo design. The first comprises of using symbol or pictogram to represent a company’s identity. Second technique of creating logos includes the use of clever fonts and typography to spell out the company name. The third approach is a combination of both symbol and typography. The decision on whether ...


2012 US Election Campaign Logos – Who Will You Support?

Categories: Logo design

  Although I’m not a big fan of politics or any politician for that matter, but the 2012 US Elections for the presidency has intrigued me. Not because of the political drama involved, but due to the logo designs being used by candidates to endorse their campaign. The importance of an identity is clearly evident in all spheres ...


20 ‘Word as Image’ Logo Designs – A Playful Concept!!

Categories: Inspiring Logos

  Alphabets are the first thing we learn when in a pre-school. It is because these alphabets are the basic constituent to make a meaningful sentence. Similarly, without knowing the ABC of design, you cannot create a meaningful logo design. But did you ever imagine words could be so much entertaining to deal with? Well Ji Lee, designer ...


5 Principles for Logo Designers to work for Friends and Family!

Categories: logo design inspirations, Logo Designer Tips

  Most people believe that it is easier to work with people who are close to you. But in reality it is even more challenging than working for clients you don’t know. This is because when you design for friends and family, there is a clash of relationship involved. Not only you must remain professional as a ...


30 Bad Logo Designs – The Horrible Sequel!

Categories: Bad Logo Designs, Inspiring Logos, Logo design

  Great logo designs are hallmark of a successful designer. The core objective of a creative artist is to design a brand identity that is appealing and memorable. But ever heard of a designer whose sole purpose is to deliberately create bad logo designs? Yes folks, there actually is an individual who creates horrible logos purportedly for beer ...

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