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28 Video Gaming Logos – Experience The Fun!

Categories: Inspiring Logos, Video Game Logos

  Video games are electronic games created using interactive electronic devices (like keyboard, joystick, and controller) on different display formats. Most of you might be familiar with classic arcade games like Atari’s Pong that dramatically increased popularity of video gaming. This was soon followed by console game developers like NINTENDO, SEGA, Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s XBOX. ...


Designing a Client-Oriented Logo – Know Your Targeted Customers!

Categories: Famous logo design, logo design tips

  When you are developing a brand identity for a client, you cannot afford to call your own shots. Most logo designers like to run their own show in a logo design project and also want the clients to be satisfied with whatever they do. But the fact of the matter is that you cannot have your cake ...


30 Minimal Logos with Hidden Messages – Simply Stunning!

Categories: Logo design

  To me, it is always the simple things in life that matter the most. Be it the personal or work life, I like to keep things simple and sweet. Most people prefer things that are uncomplicated and expedient. Similarly, we can apply the same rule in corporate identity world. Amongst all the complex identities in the corporate ...


2012 Olympics Logo Evolution: 1932 – 2012

Categories: Logo design

  It is the ultimate dream of every sports athlete to represent their country in the Olympic Games and win a medal. Within a few days, the London 2012 Olympics Games is about to get underway as over 200 nations fight for glory and honor. While the excitement for the world’s foremost sports competition is soaring, London 2012 ...


Minimal Logo Design Trend – Clean or Boring?

Categories: Logo design

  I have always preferred keeping things simple in both life and work. Most of us value the simpler things in life because of their ease and convenience. Even in the logo design field, a lot of designers follow Leonardo Da Vinci’s golden principle which states that, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” The correct term for this in ...

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