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The 2012 Review of the Best Logo and Branding Revamps

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Written By: Nora Reed


Designing amazing logos and branding is not an easy task. But like the wise people say: if something should be done, should be done with grace. Once you have established a successful business identity, with may be a not-so-well-received logo by following the essentials of logo design, you may choose to redesign what initially did not achieve a very favorable response from your customers. Many famous corporate giants have done that; and so can you.

For logo creatives, whether they enjoy the advantages of working with local clients or international ones, 2012 has been a year of great advancement and various possibilities. For example, social media marketing is stronger than ever and brands are more image-conscious than they were a decade ago. Life has become so fast-paced that to succeed in establishing a unique and successful corporate image, the branding message needs to be simple, clean; yet brilliant, to stay in the minds of the customers.

Today we are going to showcase the best logo revamps of famous companies in 2012. Let us know which ones are your favorite in the comments below.


• eBay

eBay Logo

eBay got its first redesign in 17 years by Lippincott. Shortly after designing a new identity, they also introduced a new online look as part of the brand extension. The new logo has already won respect of almost all of its customers.


• Microsoft

Microsoft New Logo

After 25 years, Microsoft finally decided to let go of the Helvetica Black Italic font and revamped the logo with the Segoe font logotype- a registered trademark of the Microsoft corporation. The letters "f" and "t" in the name "Microsoft" are still connected, just as they were in the old logo.The new Microsoft logo consists of a reconfigured four-part symbol with pretty much the same color scheme; however, they are now more sober and cleaner in their approach.


• Twitter

Twitter Logo

Twitter updated its bird mark with the sole proposition of achieving a universally recognized symbol. It’s no longer just a happy chirping bird. It’s soaring up to reach newer heights of fame and success. Ambition and a haircut – good combo!


• The City of Liverpool

The City of Liverpool Logo

The new Liverpool logo has its own story. It shows the world what a happy and scenic destination it is for family holidays. Just by their rebranding, Liverpool has successfully created a new global image and is now considered as one of the attractive holiday spots of the world.



Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre Logo

The current logo of Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club (a.k.a. Wolves) was designed in 2002, however, the Wolves recently inaugurated new branding that compliments their logo perfectly. The Salford-based consultancy Raw was hired to renew the brand as well as its sub-brands and signage.


• iTV

iTV Logo

In broadcasting, ITV’s branding got a new in-house make-over. The logo renders a great example of modern and interactive design with a five-color identity and a simple font. Moreover, the palette is adaptive for different programming.


• Agrii

Agrii Logo

Finally, Arthur Steen Horne Adamson redesigned the new Agrii logo with a hidden “+”between the two “ii” letters. According to the consultancy, the ‘plus’ sign is a symbol of positive relationship between the Agricultural business Agrii’s customers and its employees. This cleverly crafted logo has sure won the approval of its audience with a new, more powerful, look. Do you agrii or disagrii?


7 Responses to “The 2012 Review of the Best Logo and Branding Revamps”

  1. P.F. Bruns Says:

    Your fact-checking is a wee bit off. Microsoft hasn’t been using Segoe for 25 years because Segoe is only about eight years old. It didn’t exist before 2000 when it was designed by a Monotype employee. Linotype had a typeface called Frutiger, introduced in 1975, but Microsoft continues to assert that there are clear differences between the two (though they have licensed Frutiger nonetheless as well, now that Monotype has acquired Linotype).

    The black italic logotype Microsoft used from 1987 to 2012 was designed by Microsoft employee Scott Baker, and was based on Helvetica Black Italic.

    Also, the new Twitter logo is probably soaring up to new heights, rather than “souring” up to them. The only thing that “soured” were the attitudes of their trademark lawyers, who issued demands to the world about how the new logo could be used–which everyone promptly ignored.

  2. Nora Reed Says:

    P.F. Bruns,

    Indeed Microsoft never used Segoe for its corporate logo before, but the font has been in use for other Microsoft Products for several years! Thank you for pointing out a very basic mistake here. I appreciate your feedback.

  3. JP Says:

    I like the majority of the logos here. I don’t think the wolves or the Microsoft logo work. They both feel a bit childish or oversimplified to me. The interest that Agrii has is in the negative spaces, and that”s lost with the A and G placement. I would have used a lowercase “a” and modified it so that there is some play in the space with the a and g to keep the interest. I don’t like the itv color choices but I assume that’s my ignorance about the company and a knee jerk reaction to the colors themselves. The mark itself is nice though.

  4. Nora Reed Says:

    Hello JP, it’s the consistency of their market identity that makes the Wolves and Microsoft logos memorable for their customers. If you check their previous logos, you’ll see that these are way better in terms of colors and style. Wolverhampton Wanderers, especially, have matured greatly in terms of their branding strategies.

  5. Sarah Anderson Says:

    Microsoft logo is one the leading in my point of view. Because Microsoft logo is colorful and attractive to users.

  6. anonymous Says:

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  7. ululf01 Says:

    microsoft ebay and use the same basic colors
    logo to be simple, like it

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