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5 Famous Logos Highly Criticized in 2011!!

Categories: Famous logo design

  It is an honor for a logo designer to work with famous brands and their identity development. Aside earning big bucks, this process of developing a prominent brand and its logo design, boosts the design portfolio and credentials of a creative individual. But the biggest drawback of designing for these heavyweight companies is they are highly well-known ...


8 Creative Christmas Logo Ideas for Famous Brands – A Gift from LogoBlog!!

Categories: Famous logo design, Logo design

  Like every year, winter season has again gifted me with a mild cold. But then again, it also blesses us with a wonderful occasion to rejoice…Christmas. Wrapped up in a muffler and with a cup of latte in my hand, I was thinking of what could be done before going to holidays this year. Looking at Google’s latest ...


12 Famous Logos Designed Using Simple Symbols – The Basic Symbols!

Categories: Famous logo design

If you take a look at famous logos that are behind major brands, you will notice that they are simple yet highly creative and meaningful. An effective logo is one that can communicate the business purpose to the audience in the simplest possible way. Similar is the case with corporate identities where a simpler design generates more memorability among the viewers. ...


20 Redesigned Logos of 2011 – An Annual Roundup!

Categories: Logo design, Redesigned logos

  The purpose of a logo design is to communicate the company message across to the intended customers. But if your identity loses this core function, then it is time for a definite change in logo design. Every logo designer strives to design logos that are timeless and eternal. But as consumer preference and tastes change, the need ...


Logo Design Symbol or Wordmark – Which is Right to Use?

Categories: Famous logo design, Logo design, logo design inspirations, Logo Design Symbols

  Most people still don’t realize the core purpose of a logo design. They believe a logo is meant to be attractive and showy in order to catch the attention of target customers. However, for a logo design, being visually attractive is secondary to being effective. It isn’t necessary for an entity to adopt a cool symbol in ...

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