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6 Techniques to Maintain Logo Design Clients – Upholding Loyalty!

Categories: Logo Designer Tips

It is an indisputable fact that clients are the source of income for any business but here I will talk only about logo designers. In this world of stiff competition, it is difficult to find logo design clients. But what is even more painstaking is to maintain a long-term and stable relation with them. It is also a proven fact that it costs more to ...


Funny Evolutions of 10 Famous Logos – Crazy Origins!

Categories: logo design inspirations

  Behind a successful brand identity, there is a creative concept that gives way to the development of a reputable logo design. All the famous logos have an interesting history attached to their evolution. For instance, the origins of Starbucks logo are rooted in the Greek Mythology, where the image of a mixoparthenos (mermaid or Siren) has been ...


8 Smart Trends in Web Logo Design – Follow the Online World!

Categories: Logo design, Logo Designer Tips, Logo Designers

  A logo design is, indisputably, the most essential component of a brand identity. Even for a company whose business is online, the need of a corporate identity is essential these days. A few decades back, internet was in its nascent stages and only a handful of corporations had online presence. But after the technology boom, the competition ...


How to Get Rid of Bad Clients – You’re Fired!

Categories: Logo Designer Tips

  Being a logo designer isn’t all about sitting on the computer and conceiving creative ideas. It also requires the skills of managing the extraneous factors and communicating with clients. For a layman, the job of logo designers is all fun and amusement with no worries whatsoever. But in reality, this profession holds equal stress and pressures, especially ...


18 Global Warming Awareness Logos – A Neglected Issue!

Categories: Logo design

Amidst all the wars, conflicts and other political matters of the world, Global Warming is one of the issues that unite the whole world on a single platform. The term ‘Global Warming’ refers to the phenomenon of rising average temperature of Earths atmosphere and oceans. In the recent years, the world has seen increased occurrences of natural disasters. The recent Earthquakes in places like ...

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