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Famous Search Engines & their Halloween Logos – 7 Years Record!

Categories: Famous logo design, Logo design

There is a general trend in the online business world of adapting your logo design according to occasions. Events and festivals like Christmas, Easter and Halloween are the perfect occassions for online web companies like Google and Yahoo to emotionally connect with their customers. It gives them a chance to exploit the situation and win the customers’ sentiments by telling them that we value your ...


30 Speech Bubble Logos – The Thinking Symbol

Categories: Corporate Logos, Logo design

The age of branding has made the corporate world a ruthless and competitive turf. Due to the advent of technology, several new industries are coming into existence. Within these industries, several players are emerging who require distinct and unique logo design for their identity. So,  the task for logo designers is growing more and more difficult to make a logo that is novel, exclusive ...


Increasing Profits of Your Logo Design Business – 5 Easy Ways!

Categories: Logo design, logo design inspirations, logo design tips, Logo Designer Tips

A couple of decades ago, online graphic and logo design were new to the corporate world. There were only a handful of players in the market and it was easy doing business. But after the competition swelled drastically in the recent years, logo designers are finding it difficult to make profits. There are so many logo designers ...


Minimalism in Logo Design – A Creative Trend or Sluggish Designing?

Categories: Brands, Corporate Logos, Famous logo design, Logo design, logo design tips

The idea of creating Minimal Logos has been derived from the art of minimalism, which involves reducing the design to its rudimentary features. Hailed by many as a popular and creative logo design trend, this form of logo designing is on its rise nowadays. Designers of all ages are voicing the same slogan “Simple is Better”. But let us be honest for a second ...


LogoWorks by HP Exits the Logo Design Industry – End of the Road!

Categories: Corporate Logos, Famous logo design, Logo design, Logo Designers

  In a strategic, yet significant move, the technology giant HP, decided to wrap up its online design operations by closing down their 10-year-old custom logo design company LogoWorks. Without doubt, this will have a noteworthy impact on the world of logo design considering LogoWorks was the leading online logo company for nearly a decade. ...

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