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5 Famous Brand Product Failures – Unknown Blunders!

Categories: Brands

Brand extension is a strategy used by companies to exploit their brand loyalty by entering into new markets. This technique is used to leverage the success of your brand in the untapped market. For instance, when Virgin successful established its Record business, they carried their brand presence into other fields under the shadow of their famous logo design. But not ...


18 New Logos for Spring Quarter 2011 – June July August!

Categories: hidden logos, Logo design, logo design inspirations, Logo Design Symbols

  As a logo designer, I always crave for inspiration through various sources. Nowadays, there are tons of logo design galleries available on the internet that showcases fresh and inspiring logos. Not only do these logos stimulate logo design ideas, they are a resourceful means of getting your creative juices flowing. ...


Tips for your Logo Design Business – Make it Bigger and Better!!

Categories: Corporate Logos, logo design tips, Logo Designer Tips

So you've earned your degree in graphic design and plan on becoming a full-time logo designer. But just because you know how to design doesn’t mean you are capable of running a full-fledged business. Managing a design business is more than just creating logos. It involves administering a whole entity with efficiency and effectiveness so as to obtain the maximum results. There ...


12 Crazy Logo Swapping of Famous Brands – From Here to There!

Categories: Corporate Logos, Famous logo design, logo design tips, Logo Designer Tips

I have always wondered what would happen if Google and Yahoo would switch their logo design. Would Google remain the most dominant search engine with a Yahoo logo? Would Yahoo benefit from the brand power and loyalty of Google Logo? So I thought why not give their logos a little swap and see what reaction it receives. In my today’s post, I ...


4 Critical Logo Design Issues – Learn to tackle them!

Categories: Logo Design Symbols, logo design tips, Logo Designer Tips

4 Critical Logo Design Issues – Learn to tackle them! Irrespective of whatever profession you belong to, issues and dilemmas are inevitable. For logo designers, logo designing isn't all fun and trouble-free. They too have their fair share of sorrows and troubles to handle in their logo designer careers. From dealing with technical issues to dealing with pesky clients, logo designers must be prepared to address and each every issues ...

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