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22 Retro Style Logo Designs – The Vintage Trend of Logo Designing!

Categories: Logo design, logo design inspirations

In every industry, be it logo design or any other field, trends are transitory. They are like fads that come and go. But what happens when old logo design trends repeat themselves? For instance, nowadays the retro/vintage style is making a comeback in logo designing. The retro or vintage style was popularly used back in the old days for emblems and badges. ...


8 Frequent Interview Questions Asked from Logo Designers – Get Ready!!

Categories: Logo design, Logo Designer Tips, Logo Designers

Interviewing for a job is a nightmare for every professional, especially for young logo designers who are not well versed with the recruitment process. Even for experienced campaigners, facing interview questions gets tricky on a few occasions. Sometimes, confidence and logo designer resumes are just not sufficient to pass the brutal process of hiring. On the contrary, one should be prepared for the expected ...


20 New Free Fonts for Logo Designers – The Right TYPE!

Categories: Logo design, logo design inspirations, logo design tips, Logo Design Tools, Logo Designers

Selection of fonts in a new logo design for an entity is probably the hardest thing for a logo designer. This is because typography acts as the backbone of the logo. It helps in aiding the target audience to decipher the nature of your company’s business. A slight mistake in selection of fonts can lead to a logo design disaster. ...


12 Useful Online Tools for Logo Designers – Recommendations!

Categories: Logo design, logo design software, Logo Design Tools

Most logo designers limit themselves to the basic logo design software like Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel Draw. This is common among the young and newbie logo designers, who only have a grip on this rudimentary software. Because of this, their productivity is badly affected. In this competitive world, one must take advantage of the new and innovative tools that are evolving online. ...


Top 12 Logo Design Galleries for Your Inspiration!

Categories: Logo design, logo design inspirations, Logo Design Symbols, Logo Designers

Being a logo designer, I always crave for various sources to inspire myself. Nowadays, there are many online sites that harbor logo designs for inspirational purposes. These sites showcase some of the best logo designs that are sure to flow the creative juices in your brains. But beware…as there is a thin line between inspiration and plagiarism. Whether you are ...

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