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6 Cool Tips for Logo Designers to Stay Focused!

Categories: freelance logo designers, Logo design, logo design inspirations, logo design tips, Logo Designers

Generally, logo designers get so engrossed when working on a logo design project that they can’t be easily distracted by any extraneous factors. But at times, while working for long hours, the logo designers get so stressed out that they completely lose focus. Moreover, the fast moving work environment and technological gizmos are always a source of interruption. We always blame family, friends and ...


What Made You a Logo Designer – Find out!!

Categories: freelance logo designers, Logo design, logo design tips, Logo Designers

Sometimes in your careers, there comes a time when you wonder “Why am I here in the first place?” Being a logo designer, many similar questions pop into my mind as well, concerning what led me into the field of creating a logo design. Was it for the money? Or was it because designing is my real passion? Honestly speaking, I never gave this all ...


28 Logo Design in Action – Logos on the Move!!

Categories: Corporate Logos, Logo design, logo design inspirations

Although in visual terms, logo design is a stagnant image or icon that represents a company. But in real terms, a logo design can drive the customers into acting favorably towards the company. In a nut shell, your logo is that influences customer’s action. Therefore, it is really difficult to create a brand identity that can persuade the audience to take a favorable ...


Locate your Brand on the Color Spectrum – A Logo Wheel!!

Categories: Famous logo design, Logo design, logo design inspirations, Logo Designers

Whenever I think of famous brands and their popular logo design, one question always pops into my mind…what makes them so special? Is it only that unique symbol which makes a brand so famous and builds it identity? Or is it the attractive color that grabs the attention of customers? Regardless of what makes a logo design memorable, I believe that companies can make ...


6 Most Long-Lasting Brands of America – Old Is Gold!

Categories: Famous logo design, Logo design, logo design tips

In today’s world of corporate branding, several brands come and go. Only a few have managed to survive the test of times and still lead the brand race. But do you know the real secret of durable brands….their consistency of logo design. Brands that have stood for centuries have seldom changed their logo design. Uniformity of your logo plays a vital part in determining ...

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