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20 Remarkable Design Portfolios – Ideas for Logo Designers!!

Categories: logo design inspirations, Logo Designers

In the field of logo design, first impression is truly the last impression. The best way to create an affirmative and lasting image among the clients is by maintaining a logo design portfolio. And not just any portfolio…you need an impressive online design portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of all your expert logo design work in a single showcase. It includes everything ranging ...


20 New Iconic and Symbolic Logos with Hidden Messages

Categories: hidden logos, Logo design, logo design inspirations, Logo Design Symbols

Over the years, we have started realizing the significance of a logo design. Finally, we have accepted the fact that a logo plays an important role in building the corporate identity of every business. However, things don’t end here... confused??? Ok, let me spill the beans. My point is that getting a “logo ...


How to Design Logos with Hidden Messages – Tips & Tricks!!

Categories: Corporate Logos

What is the one thing that is similar between all famous logos of top brands? All of them hold a significant meaning and deliver a distinct message to their targeted customers. Not only that, they exhibit the message in a clever and alluring way so their corporate identity becomes unforgettable for the audience. Let’s ...


Famous Redesigned Logos in Red – A Valentine Poll!!

Categories: Logo design, logo design inspirations, Redesigned logos

Rebranding isn’t just about changing your logo design. It seeks to alter your company image entirely, right from its values and culture to its consumer perception and attitudes. Although, logo redesigning is the first step for a corporate rebranding but it has to be followed by an intense marketing and promotional campaign. This is aimed at enforcing the revived brand philosophy into the minds ...


An Open Letter to BIG TEN Conference – The fans have spoken!

Categories: Famous logo design, hidden logos, Logo design, logo design contests, Logo Designers, Redesigned logos

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the Unofficial Big ten logo contest held at Mycroburst. The contest was pending a public polling with 5,652 Big Ten fans voting for their favorite logo design. The poll has finally come to an end and the winner and runner- ...

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