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Common Symbolism in Logo Design – Overuse or Misuse?

Categories: Logo design, Logo Design Symbols, logo design tips

The core reason for a business to own a logo design is to be unique and distinguishable from its rivals. But this purpose dies out when common and clichéd symbols are used in designing logos. Using hackneyed symbols in logo designing is extremely dangerous and damaging. Many logo designers follow famous logo design trends but the problem is…trends come and go.  With passing ...


BIG TEN Logo Redesign – From 11 to 12!!!

Categories: hidden logos, logo design inspirations, Redesigned logos

Renowned design agency Pentagram has unveiled yet another Big Ten hidden logo. The famous logo has been the identity carrier of Big Ten Conference, the oldest and largest Division I college athletic association in U.S. Michael Gericke (a graduate of the University of Wisconsin) and Michael Bierut are the chief architect behind the new logo for the conference. ...


Logo Redesigns of 2010 – The Good and Not-So-Good Ones!

Categories: Corporate Logos, Famous logo design, Redesigned logos

As a logo designer, it is always fascinating to see how corporate logos are revamped and redesigned over time. It isn’t easy to renovate a logo design that has established its presence in the market over many years. Good logo redesigns are meant to strengthen a company’s image, but bad redesigns can backfire for a corporate entity. ...


30 Electrifying Logo Designs – Spark your creativity!

Categories: Logo design, logo design inspirations, logo design tips

  The beauty of logo design is that you can take inspiration out of any and everything in your surroundings. You just need the observation power to grasp what’s relevant and applicable in logo designing. My recent post on logos inspired from elements of nature bears witness to the fact that logo designers can broaden their horizons ...

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