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Mysterious Gmail Logo Redesign – Where is the change??

Categories: Famous logo design, Logo design, logo design inspirations, logo design tips

Hey guys did you notice it? I bet you couldn’t…but Google has redesigned its Gmail logo. Over the past few months, Google has constantly been adding new and fresh features to its email service, Gmail. Now, with the year 2010 coming to an end, they decided to change its logo design, but the question is…have they really made any changes? See for yourself. ...


Logo Design Software – What do you gain and lose?

Categories: Corporate Logos, freelance logo designers, logo design software, logo design tips

The logo design field has, over the last few years, evolved immensely. With the growing technology, newer and faster ways of logo designing have surfaced. Among the innovative alternatives, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is the hottest trend in the marketplace at the moment. But at the same time, confusions surround the blogosphere as to whether logo design software is ...


20 Logos Inspired from Elements of Nature – Earth, Fire, Air & Water!!!

Categories: Famous logo design, Logo design, logo design inspirations, logo design tips

Remember the Cartoon series “Captain Planet and the Planeteers?” I still remember how it used to teach us, through its captivating jingle, the four basic elements of nature…earth, fire, wind and water. It is rightly said that logo design inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere. The four elements of nature each hold a unique meaning and connotations. Each one can be used to carve ...


Why Famous Brands Fail – They came, they sold, they failed!

Categories: Famous logo design, freelance logo designers, Logo design

  I remember one great thing that I studied in Brand Management…“If you can Brand water, you can pretty much brand anything.” Although the concept of branding and logo design has evolved to great proportions, people still misconstrue the actual idea of a brand. What many businesses don’t understand is ...


Logo Name Game – Can you guess these famous brands??

Categories: Famous logo design, hidden logos, logo design contests

  Successful brands are established through memorable logo designs. But there is always one distinguishing feature that makes us memorize famous logos. For example, wherever you see an arrow between an “E” and an “X”, the FedEx logo strikes our minds. Likewise, when you see the golden arches anywhere, you recall the famous McDonald’s logo. ...

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