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MySpace plans to Unveil New Logo – Gives more ‘space’ to users!

Categories: Corporate Logos, Famous logo design, Logo design

The moment I read about it, I said to myself ‘My My…so much Space?’ It may come as a surprise for many, but the social networking site MySpace, is working on a new logo design that is expected to be revealed by the end of this year. The surprise move comes in the hopes that a fresh look would increase traffic on the social ...


20 Coincidentally Identical Logos – Double Trouble!

Categories: Famous logo design, Logo design, logo design tips

Twins, triplets, quadruplets, ok we get it…humans can look alike. Fair enough! But to design logo design that look alike? Sounds more like logo plagiarism…doesn’t it? Now that is one thing no logo designer wants to get implicated in. We all are aware of the menace of logo theft and how designers and companies can get deprived or robbed of their ideas. When you hire ...


New “Gap” logo creates GAP among its customers – Redesign Blunder!!

Categories: Famous logo design, Logo design, logo design inspirations

For the past 20 years, GAP has been universally recognized by its trademark GAP logo inscribed inside a blue square. The logo developed into a fashion icon. But a week back, GAP decided to risk its longstanding brand image by rolling out a new “contemporary” logo design. It is speculated that Laird & Partners is behind the rebrand. (Interestingly, they haven’t included the new ...


30 Splish ‘n’ Splash Logos – Fun element of Logo Designing!

Categories: Famous logo design, freelance logo designers, Logo design, logo design inspirations

It is a common fallacy to consider a logo design to be a mere boring symbol or an icon. Picking the right symbol for a logo is the most important aspect but only a symbol or a picture does not represent the complete picture of logo designing. Other aspects like applying suitable fonts, selecting appropriate color scheme and texture of the design are ...

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