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Pick the right Fonts to make the right Logo Design – A Collection!!

Categories: freelance logo designers, Logo design, logo design tips

  Fonts play an integral part to make a successful logo design as they typify the corporate identity of a business entity. Some logo designs are text-based while others are symbolic in nature and some are a combination of both symbol and typeface. While selecting the fonts, it is imperative to ...


5 Harmful Things a Logo Should NEVER Have – Caution!

Categories: freelance logo designers, Logo design, logo design tips

  The correct blend of elements is vital in crafting an effective logo design. Nowadays, the prime objective of a logo design is to stand out and magnetize its intended target audience. With the increasing number of logo design companies being formulated and the resultant amount of logo designs being made, it’s hard to make your company ...


How famous brands were named – The Unknown Stories!!

Categories: Famous logo design, Logo design, logo design inspirations

Shakespeare once said and I quote, “What’s in a name?” Little did he know that we were about to enter the world of corporate business flooded with brands and logo designs. With the evolution of the concept of branding, everything sells with a name and a logo design. You don’t buy shoes, you buy Nike or Adidas. You no longer believe in drinking ...


15 Funny Logo Design Mix-Ups of Corporate World

Categories: Corporate Logos, Famous logo design, hidden logos

When creating a logo design for a sole entity could be so complicated, then designing corporate logo fusion can be really challenging. With the economic crisis deepening, more and more organizations have either filed for bankruptcy or went for a corporate merger. On most occasions when companies undergo a merger or an acquisition, either their brand name changes or they get an identity make-over via ...


15 Famous Brands featured in Blockbuster Movies 2010

Categories: Corporate Logos, Famous logo design, Logo design, logo design inspirations

  After I finished watching the movie The Karate Kid, I was amazed by the number of famous brands that had been featured in the film. Amongst the famous logos, I saw the adidas logo, and nike logo. This made me realize that corporations are increasingly using product placement in blockbuster movies. The technique we know as ...

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